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The Ave Monthly

Vol I Issue 6


Growing Through Fellowship

Chester Hodges spent a few moments filling us in on how the Growth Group Ministry has a place for everyone. Joining or leading a group helps to develop community and find next steps. A wide variety of growth groups give many opportunities to create relationships. There are Growth Groups meeting on five days of the week and each is unique with different topics and events. Leaders create an easy environment for everyone to find a place where they can fit in.

Chester is always looking for new Growth Group leaders that want to facilitate groups. If you are interested, he is ready to help with content and getting a group started. You won’t be on your own; leaders gain knowledge and comradery with each other at trainings and lunches. Are you Looking for a Growth Group to join? Check out the Group section on Church Center for a full list. If leading a group sounds like a way you would like to serve, then Chester or Pastor Ken would love to hear from you. Do you want to get more information about leading a Growth Group? Join the Growth Group Leader Lunch Sunday, 4/14 after church.

What's Coming


Celebration Sunday 
April 28th
One Service 10:00 AM

Growing Together

Spring School Newsletter (1).png

Photo booth Fun

The photo booth outside of Stations of the cross was a lot fun.  Many of our families got to capture sweet and funny moments. 

Spring School Newsletter (1).png

The Rodriguez family has been hanging out with us at The Avenue for the last three years. Chance, Kelsey and their two cuties, Ezekiel and Maverick, serve as a deacon family. You have probably spied Chance from time to time making announcements on Sunday mornings. They love community gatherings like Christmas, potlucks and fun events, but celebrating with Alisha Little when she was baptized is a memory they won’t forget. All of these events give them time to connect with others at the Avenue, making relationships to share joys and sorrows, and really being able to use God’s teachings to witness and uphold each other for the Glory of God.

In addition to their ministries at The Avenue, the Rodriguez’s are very involved with Fellowship of Christian Athletes. There is never a shortage of things that you can do to help out.  They need someone to cook meals for student Bible studies, being available for one-on-one discipleship or leading group Bible studies.

When they find a free moment away, they love a little competition like basketball or pickleball (just to name a few) . Being outside hiking or camping with others is the way they like to fill their extra time, but don’t ask them to give up their Google Calendar, because that’s a family must. They can put that Calendar to good use, planning a time for their dream vacation, marveling at God’s creation while visiting national parks and exploring the great outdoors.

Please keep this sweet family in your prayers as they ask for endurance in the faith journey, discipline in rest, boldness in sharing the gospel, trust in challenging times, protection from evil, and faithfulness in FCA ministry while seeking more workers.

Who are the People at the Avenue

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