Prayer Request

Janessa Gallegos, December 8, 2020 - 12:56 am

Praise to God and our amazing church family for your prayers, love, and blessings. I pray for each of our church members and our community.
Prayer request for our family….today as I was meeting with the surgeon at children’s hospital at briargate, I went into a very bad “hemiplegic migraine”. I ended up after much convincing being rushed to the ER. The EMT’s said in about an hour with me, I lost consciousness at least 9-10 times. I hadn’t felt good and so at the last second, I begged my daughter to go with me. Praise God for that because having her there with me and K’leigh was definitely God’s plan. My prayer request is for health. I often put on this smile and say…I’m doing the best I can. I will continue to do that as I feel we need to look at life in a positive manner and give this amazing life the best we can. So prayers for me and my family for my severe and many different types of health issues, hubby’s health (more shots in his neck this Wednesday), my sister’s children who are struggling with the holidays due to just recently losing their mama and my grandchildren, especially the younger one who just lost his father in a car accident as well. Blessings to our church staff and pastor and their families. We all truly appreciate each of you. I love you all. Stay positive, strong, and provide blessings to one another.