Our Vision-




KNOWING JESUS  It’s all about Jesus!  That’s what it is to be a Christian!  A relationship with Jesus that is real changes a person from the inside out.  We believe that a daily walk with Jesus Christ is essential for every person, as well as weekly gatherings with the people of God for encouragement, teaching, and friendship.


CONNECTING WITH OTHERS  God did not make us to live this life alone.  In fact, it’s IMPOSSIBLE to truly follow all of Jesus’ teachings if we aren’t living in community with others.  We strive to connect with others through gathered weekly worship, small groups (Growth Groups) and serving together on a team with others of like passions and gifting.


SERVING OTHERS  As we serve others, we truly become like Jesus.  We are called to be a visible demonstration of God’s love and grace towards us, and what better way than by serving others.  We believe that every person is gifted with the heart and ability to serve others in meaningful ways, and it’s our responsibility as a church to come alongside each person and help them fulfill their calling to serve.


IMPACTING THE WORLD  We have a mission, and that is to help the whole world know and follow Jesus!  Jesus called this “making disciples.”  We are to be intentional that as we daily follow Jesus and as we connect with and serve others, that the ultimate goal is to invite others to join us on the path of following Jesus.  This vision not only applies to our local context, but also globally, and that’s why we encourage generous support of international missionaries.  For a list of missionaries we support, click here.