What We Believe-

ABOUT GOD – there is one true God, existing in the 3 Persons of the Trinity – Father, Son (Jesus) and the Holy Spirit.  God is the Creator of all things, is perfectly good and just, and loves all people.  

ABOUT THE BIBLE – the Bible is God’s Word and is the basis of all we believe and practice.


ABOUT JESUS – Jesus, as God, sacrificed Himself in our place to satisfy God’s judgement against our sins.  He rose from the dead to prove He is God and to provide victory over sin.  All who come to Jesus in true faith are forgiven of their sins, made right with God, and follow Him.


ABOUT THE HOLY SPIRIT – as God, the Holy Spirit lives within every true follower of Jesus and enables them to live powerful lives of obedience to Jesus.


ABOUT SALVATION – People are made right with God and forgiven of their sins when they exercise true faith in Jesus, that only by His death on the cross our sins are forgiven, and that there is nothing we can do to save ourselves.


ABOUT CHURCH – A church is a group of people gathered together to know and follow Jesus.  

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